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The Delta [CONFIDENTIAL] - 'failuretoforget'

Immerse yourself in a world of suspense, deception, and tangled relationships in “failuretoforget”, a slow-burn detective thriller visual novel that places you in the shoes of Detective Alexander Moses- a former State Police prodigy recently returned to the force following a set of mysterious circumstances in his pursuit of the yet-unsolved “Delta Case”.

Every decision you make has the opportunity to shape the story and its characters- leading to multiple branching endings and route-exclusive character scenes. However, other decisions you may make might not affect the world in the way you expect- how much of your input is Moses willing to put up with? How much of this man’s destiny is dictated by your decision making- and how much is dictated by his past experiences and personal disposition? How much can a person really change through deliberate action?

In “failuretoforget”, Detective Moses is put onto a ragtag local police squad consisting of two new recruits, and an old friend. Many things have changed since Moses’s time on paid leave- and only you can decide who stands by him in his darkest moments. An opportunity to begin again, and face the skeletons in his closet with a fresh set of eyes. With multiple branching endings, and scenes which change based on the company you keep, “failuretoforget” explores questions about the human experience, such as-

Will he be able to change as a person, and move on from his enigmatic guilt?

Is there a point in trying to change?

How much of a person’s life is based on unchangeable dispositional factors?

The visual novel itself is structured as a standard visual novel tends to be- but with the integration of “the deduction system”, a post-ironic RPG combat system that gives Moses the ability to think his way through multiple different scenarios, and allows the player to hear the inner monologue of the former prodigy, with the help of his new team. See into the mind of Detective Moses as he faces a number of bizarre situations that all seem to tie into his past- and probe his character in ways he has never experienced before.

This title stands as the first installment in the visual novel series, “The Delta [CONFIDENTIAL]”.

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